In the past, attention on social responsibility was primarily focused on the world of business. For most people, “corporate social responsibility" (CSR) is more meaningful than “social responsibility” (SR). The idea that social responsibility is applicable to every organisation emerged when different organisation types, not only those belonging to the business world, recognised that they too had a duty to play their part in sustainable development. This historic development was formalised in 2010 with the adoption of ISO 26000, "Guidance on social responsibility”, subsequently integrated into Belgian and European policies.

Assuming social responsibility and working towards sustainable development: these are not new, certainly not for public services fulfilling a social role. Some public authorities are already entering into commitments and taking action, both through their policies and within their own organisations. However, this is not yet organised systematically and consistently, nor in every area. Implementing high-quality, structured and substantive social responsibility demands knowledge and support. It is hoped that the contents of this site will make their contribution.

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