Why this site ?

his website, exclusively devoted to social responsibility within the public authorities, has been developed within the implementation of the Federal action plan for social responsibility, and more particularly as a result of the stakeholder consultation organised in 2009 (CSR Forum).

As well as answering stakeholders’ queries, it also aims to:

  • communicate clearly on the commitments by the public services and measures undertaken by them to foster more social responsibility within these organisations;
  • communicate on their initiatives to stimulate the development of SR in Belgium and improve its quality;
  • highlight the work of public services in taking account of their SR, and the measures taken;
  • be a source of inspiration for public authorities searching for ideas and examples to give shape to their own SR;
  • be the official reference site for SR policy in Belgium for international institutions (EU, OECD, UN, etc.)

While these objectives are many, they all converge towards the same goal, namely the promotion and stimulation of SR within the public institutions.

Important: this site makes no attempt to bring together information on every aspect of SR, but puts the emphasis on the actions, commitments and initiatives of the public authorities. It is not intended to replace existing websites and centres of knowledge which have a much wider scope.